Are Puff Wild’s Puffs Washable?

We recently received this question from a customer and, frankly, the thought of washing our Puff Wild puffs hadn’t crossed our mind before. Cats lose them or tear them up, but some of the puffs littering our house and office (all-time favorites are red and cheetah-print puffs) have been rolling around for years.

But we get it: If a cat drops a puff in the food bowl (or worse), what then? Can you wash our puffs?

We tried it to find out.

We washed a number of puffs in a mesh delicates bag, run on a regular wash cycle. We then put them through the drier (still in the mesh bag). Results: They attracted a small amount of lint and lost a touch of their fluffiness, but overall they made it through the experience just fine. The cats have yet to notice the difference, though note that washing will remove the essence of catnip from your puffs.

Bottom line: I’ll call these “machine washable,” but recommend a delicates bag lest they get sucked into the lint trap.

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